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All Terrain Cranes

All terrain cranes have become the most popular choice of cranes in the crane hire industry in Australia, with a good choice of manufactures to choose from. Strict Australian road laws have made it hard for crane owners to get some of their crane fleet road registered so the introduction of all terrain cranes into Australia made it a lot easier to obtain permits to travel them on the road. Some of the larger all terrain cranes have a boom dolly fitted and travel with their boom over the rear. Because of their all wheel steering they are still very maneuverable on the road and on site. Operators find them very comfortable to drive on the road which can reduce fatigue after long days of operating.


Different counterweigh and boom configurations allow operators to be more selective on what’s required to carry out their job, which can mean less transport costs for trucks carrying auxiliary equipment for the crane. Most manufactures provide software that comes with the cranes configurations and charts, this can be used to pre plan lifts which give owners a basic idea of what’s required before the crane arrives on site. In today’s competitive crane market owners need to know that they have a modern up to date fleet and the all-terrain crane certainly meets that requirement.

With regular maintenance and operator care these cranes should give years of service and normally hold their value which enables owners to sell on and update their fleet as required