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Liebherr LTC1050-3.1

The LTC1050-3.1 is a new 50 tonne capacity Liebherr compact crane launched at the Intermat exhibition in Paris, France, on 20 April 2015.



It is a successor to the 45 tonne capacity LTC 1045-3.1 launched in 2010. Dimensions are similar but the new three axle crane offers 5 tonnes more capacity. Its gross weight of 36 tonnes (12 tonnes per axle) includes, among other things, all the 6.5 tonnes of counterweight, hook block, double folding jib and 16.00 tyres so no support vehicle is needed.

Its main boom is 36 metres and a 13 m lattice jib is available. Power is from a 260 kW diesel, maximum travel speed is 80 km/h and it has a 6x6x6 drive/steer configuration. Features include the Variobase adjustable outrigger system and the Eco mode function to save fuel.

Author: Alex Dahm