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Used Cranes in Australia

Crane Choice offers all types of used cranes and encourages sellers to place their cranes for sale on their web site.

All Terrain Cranes are a popular choice within the crane hire fleets and are proven cranes in running a successful crane hire company. Versatility and manoeuvrability make these crane a must have, with a vast range of sizes available. They are probably the number one selling crane in Australia & worldwide. With one tele ram setup that pins the boom section separately, reduces the weight of the main boom and gives the crane better lifting capacity. Configured with fly jibs, fixed and luffing makes these cranes very popular for a vast range of lifting situations. Good road speeds and comfort make this ideal for taxi work and less fatigue for the operator when moving from job to job.

Rough Terrain Cranes are mainly used for medium to long term site work. These cranes are very popular in the mine and petro chemical industry. Usually these cranes are moved around on floats because they are not road registrable. They normally have a pick & carry chart which enables them to pick up a load and move it by traveling the crane on its rubber chart. Again these cranes come in a good range of sizes which makes it easy to find the right crane needed for the job.

City Cranes or some people use the term bubble cranes. These cranes are like a smaller version of the rough terrain cranes but usually they can be road registered depending on axle weight. They are slow on the road which sometimes restricts them on freeways and certain roads. They were designed to work around city type areas going short distances between jobs. They are fairly popular in the crane hire fleets and are mainly used for tight access jobs or taxi work.

Crawler Cranes are used in Australia and range from anything up to thousand tonnes capacity. These cranes are used a lot in heavy construction and are normally used on a long term hire basis. Companies that own these cranes will sometimes offer Dry Hire Rates on these cranes which make it more attractive for long term hire on major projects.

Hydraulic Truck Mounted Cranes These cranes were very popular before All Terrain Cranes were introduced in Australia. A lot of models like P&H Tadano, Kato, Unic, Grove & Coles to name a few where used in crane hire fleets. Not very comfortable on the road, with poor suspension and noisy cabs made these cranes very tiring to operate for long hours of the day. The Japanese models were probably the pick of the bunch and some are still in service today, still being used by companies.

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